Coffe table decoration

Have you seen the situation of not knowing how to decorate or renovate the decoration of your centerpiece?
Do not worry anymore; here we give you some ideas that will surely be useful to perform such a creative activity, in which you can express your particular taste
First, we inform you that a coffee table has a purpose since its creation and this is ancillary to the activities that take place there, and what can these be? They range from placing reading books, placing glasses where we offer drinks, snack dishes or snacks that we offer our guests among others that depend on the activities with which you tend to socialize and develop you in your living room.
Second, you must take into account the style that prevails in that area and in general in the decoration of the rest of your house. If your house is rustic Mexican style, it would not fit properly that you placed a Greek sculpture on your table, or vice versa, placing a woman sculpture in your home with French Provencal style. H..


Today we bring you an article dedicated to the decoration of the garden. If you have your garden a little abandoned, you're bored with it and you want to give it another air, but ideas do not occur, stay…

1-We can combine an old staircase with some plateaus. In this way we achieve a rustic but delicate style at the same time.
2- If in the patio of your house there are accumulated trunks you can use them by hollowing them inside and putting plants with flowers, the same thing you can do with stones.
3- Another way to decorate the garden is using old PVC pipes. To do this you must first make the holes where the flowers will come from, you must cover the base so that the earth does not fall and plant the plants that you like the most. To make this idea look really good you must choose hanging plants. If you paint the colored tubes you can look really good.
4- Following the idea of recycling by reusing old things that we have at home, here we present this idea that consists of ..

The best way to refresh your dog: Pool day

We begin to suffer the high temperatures and we all know that our hairy people feel the same or more than us.

We have to take many precautions in summer: heat strokes, parasites, feeding, etc…
But on the other hand, it is a fantastic time of the year to enjoy our dog.
If you want to have a place for your pet to cool off and play with you on the hottest days, a special pool for dogs is a great option. You can continue to enjoy your dog, even exercising and safely because it will be refreshing with your bath.
Does your dog love water? Not many people know them, but there are some comfortable folding pools, special for them, if your dog likes dips, he will love it.
These practical swimming pools for dogs are mounted and disassembled very easily, without the need of an air pump, or inflating it to lung. As it is filled with air, it takes its shape.
You can take it with you to your holiday place, or assemble and disassemble it in the simplest way if you have a patio or garden at h..

What to do with an aggressive dog?

We often hear news about dogs attacking their owners leaving them seriously injured. However, there are preliminary measures to avoid these circumstances, find out.

How could your dog, always so docile, suddenly become aggressive and attack you? Well, although it is hard to imagine, this is a risk that runs when you acquire a canine, especially if it is a breed that is inclined towards aggressiveness such as Chow Chow, Doberman, Pit Bull or Rottweiler. Do not forget that no matter how harmless a dog looks, it is actually an animal that will react aggressively by nature in certain situations. Below we explain some of the scenarios in which your pet could behave violently, so that you can take precautions.
Defend your territory
It is natural for animals to define their own territory and fight for it. Your dog can find his favorite place in the house or in the yard and take over it, arriving, on extreme occasions, to restrict the passage to you or a member of the family. That is why ..

Where to place your cat’s feeder

We usually have the idea that to please a cat is very simple: in view of the fact that he manages everything, he gets used to any situation, so we do not have to modify our life too much to adjust to his needs, in comparison with the dog, in theory much more dependent. Well, that theory is wrong, and in fact many problems of stress in the life of the cat are due to that prejudice so outdated.

One of the examples, for example, passes through your trough. Although we believe that we can place it anywhere, and then it will be coupled, the reality is very different, if what we want is to facilitate things respecting their nature.
And its nature goes, you'll see, against what you usually do with your pet. For example: is it true that you have your feeder placed in an angulito, or attached to the wall? Well, in truth, the cat likes to eat knowing what he has around him, so he feels more secure if he eats in a place that allows him to have views that make him alert for possible threats..

Desks for small spaces

In a time when the computer has become the basic tool to have a student life, work, personal and socially complete, the desk has become once and for all one of the essential furniture in any home.

In fact, it was far behind that of reserving them for study in the children's and youth rooms. It is also true, however, that finding enough space to place them is not easy considering all the basic furniture that probably already occupies most of your space.
That is why if you want some good ideas to get a desktop in as few meters as possible you can take a look at some of these original proposals that we give you in the following article desks for small spaces.
Take advantage of shelves The space of a small shelf one meter wide can be enough to get a desk as complete. As you can see in the image, you only have to place a small table halfway up, protruding from the central part of the structure and take advantage of the rest of the furniture to store stationery and other necessary ..

What stones to choose to cover a wall

Do you want to build a wall in an original way? Then you have to know that you can do it with the use of stones that will help you to give a different and very aesthetic touch to the room. But what stones can you choose? In this article we will help you solve your doubts by giving you a short list of the most recommended types of stone to line a wall. Keep reading and you can discover which stones to choose to cover a wall because a good choice will determine the success or failure of your DIY task. We start?
General advice for choosing the type of stone Before starting to explain what stones to choose to cover a wall do not forget that in any DIY trade or specialized center you will find different types of stone where you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. In general it is advisable to choose a stone similar to that of our wall. Our recommendations are slate, moss and limestone, among others, although another option also highly recommended may be to ask your DIY center w..

Ideas to decorate with flowers

Insert nature into your home! If you want to give a touch of fresh air to your home, get decorate a space in a natural and unique way, flowers are your best allies. There are a wide variety of decoration ideas designed to take advantage of the beauty of flowers and provide every corner of your home with a cozy and tasteful appearance. In this article, we show you some ideas to decorate with flowers that are very easy to make and that will give a new look to your house.

Flowers inside glasses A super simple but visually very aesthetic idea is to take advantage of the glasses you usually use for water and place them on the dining table, on the shelf or on the coffee table. As you can see in the image, this idea is very easy because you will only need stones, a little water and the flowers that you like the most; You can take them yourself from the garden, buy them or opt for plastic ones because they have a greater endurance.
If you do not want to put stones in the bottom, you can ch..

Decorative mosaics have been reinvented, and are a trend

They have been changing and evolving during these last decades and, fortunately, not only to decorate rooms, but the new creations allow taking them to any corner of the house.

Decorating spaces with mosaics is an art that has been in our lives since the time of Greece and Rome. The origin of the word mosaic comes from the Latin musivum opus, which is the name given to the cladding used to decorate the cave of the Muses, in Ancient Rome. As you probably already know, a mosaic is made up of tiles that are placed as if it were a puzzle to create the desired design. The tesserae are small pieces that can be made of very diverse materials such as ceramics, stone, colored glass or terracotta.
Until a few years ago, you could only see areas decorated with mosaics in bathrooms, kitchens and even some gardens, but with practically identical and monotonous designs. The decoration with mosaics has been changing and evolving during these last decades and, fortunately, it is an upward trend thi..

Screens: the allies of functionality (and decoration) in the bathroom

With a minimalist aesthetic that allows its integration and the circulation of light, the new models favor comfort and keep spatter at bay.

Our feelings towards them are torn between love and hatred. On the one hand, we would like to do without them, but on the other, we need them to maintain cleanliness and order in this space of the house. These mixed feelings seem to mark the designs of the new screens. The idea is that they are there, but that it does not look like it.
Life behind glass Because let's not kid ourselves, his role is fundamental in the current bathrooms. They protect from splashing water – preventing a puddle from ruining the floor and damaging your furniture – they guarantee hygiene and cleanliness, and they result – once you have given them an opportunity – extremely comfortable. If these arguments still do not convince you, think about the other two solutions at your fingertips: curtains and work walls. You really do not prefer a screen?
Success in choosin..

Best solutions of cats hairball and vomiting problems

Hairballs are harsh fact of cat owners, and while it is important for cats to expel hairballs,
there are ways owners can take to minimize them without compromising the health of their pets.

Cats are frequent groomers, and their rough tongues catch loose hair, which is then swallowed. While most hair passes harmlessly through the cat's digestive tract, some does become matted and stuck in the stomach part, where it forms a hairball. When the ball is large size, it must be vomited away or else it could cause intestinal blockages and impaction, which can not only be uncomfortable, but could be fatal if left untended.
Most cats vomit 1-2 hairballs each month, with long-haired cats or those that groom excessively having hairballs more often. Very frequent hairballs or vomiting without hairballs could be signs of additional digestive trouble, including cancer, and pet owners should take their cats to the vet to be sure there are no underlying problems.
Reducing Hairballs and VomitingTh..

How to decorate a wall with paintings

Do you think that your walls lack something and you do not know what it is? We have multiple decorating ideas that will help you to give a more cozy, harmonious and warm air to your home. The walls, whatever the environment, are a magnet that attracts all eyes, so with paintings, photographs, collages or illustrations you will be able to renew the character of the rooms of your home. The most important thing is to know how and where you should place these images, because not everything is valid. In this article we give you some tips on how to decorate a wall with pictures. Create a space with personality and feel that your house has light again.

Wall with pictures: living room The living room is one of the rooms where more life is done inside a home, so the decoration should be pleasing to the eye. This is where, usually, we usually find most paintings, whether paintings, portraits or photographs, but you must learn to place them on the appropriate wall, according to your tastes and..

Best tips for your pets when there is thunder storm

A sudden thunderstorm can be terrifying your pets, and cats and dogs can become very stressed during storms.
There are simple ways to help your pet feel more comfortable, however, and keep them from getting too excited or anxious when storms pass by

1. First is Provide a Safe Place to your pet
Your pet will feel secure if they have a safe, comfortable place to retreat when a storm strikes. A small, interior room without windows works best, such as a laundry room, walk-in closet, pantry or bathroom. Make sure there is a comfortable place, familiar blanket, some water and other comforting objects in theroom, but avoid crating your pet or restricting their movement, which would make them more anxious or depressed
Minimize the Storm
The less pets see and hear the storm, the calmer they will be. Close windows, curtains and blinds to muffle noise and reduce lightning flashes, and turn on a radio or television for some covernoise to dilute thunder orthe sounds of hard wind and rain. Keep doo..

Anxiety in dogs

Every dog owner moslty know with their pet's emotions and moods from begging eagerly for a treat to excited to go for a walk to dramatic and fearful about a bath.
There is one mood, however,that is often overlooked, simply because the owner is not around to see it
All dogs may have brief moments of anxiety, but momentary whining when an owner leaves does not mean the dog is genuinely distressed. True anxiety is a distinct behavioral change that occurs only when the owner, or whomever the dog is strongly bonded, is not around. Symptoms may be mild and could disappear quickly, but in severe cases that dog may injure itself or suffer from health complications due to extreme distress. While each dog may show stress in difference way.
if a dog has not had anxiety before, it can developue to traumatic experiences in thedog's life. Dogs that lose their family members
being rehomed or adopted from shelters are sometimes more prone to anxiety problems. Similarly, if a close family me..

Advantages of the stripes in the decoration of the walls

As you know, stripes are a classic in decoration, being able to integrate them in all kinds of environments. If they are coordinated successfully, they can create optical effects and visually enlarge the space. In addition, they allow to integrate different colors in a room without giving a feeling of heaviness to the whole.

This, the stripes in the painting can help in the decoration of the homes providing color and vitality without adding too many accessories. However, it is necessary to take into account the measures of the room to be decorated, since they can visually lengthen the spaces or make them smaller, depending on whether horizontal stripes or vertical stripes are used. Do you want to know the advantages of each one? In the following article we explain the advantages of stripes in the decoration of the walls
Vertical stripes We speak of stripes, but we must bear in mind that not all stripes are the same. Depending on whether they are vertical, horizontal or diagonal they..